Day Questions

What is the kaffara for having intercourse with the spouse during menstruation?

<p style="text-align: left;">There is no obligatory kaffara but it is recommended. The recommended kaffara is 4.25 gm. of gold or its worth if the sexual intercourse was in the beginning of menstruation, half of this amount if it was in the middle of menstruation and its quarter if it occurred at the end.<br />It is sufficient to pay the value of the gold.</p>

I am trying to build a spiritual connection with Almighty Allah but I have some problems; I do not know how relaxed I should be because of how merciful god is, also I do not know how fearful I should be because of how severe He is in punishment.

<p style="text-align: left;">The religious texts indicate that the believer is urged to balance between fear and hope so he should not deem himself secure from the scheme of Allah, nor should he despairs from the mercy of Allah. If this is done, the individual will have the motive to the obedience because his hope in the mercy makes him convinced in the advantage of the action; and his fear from the wrath of Almighty Allah makes him avoiding the sins.</p>

If one masturbates for some time and didn't know that he has to perform Ghusl because of the ejaculation; does he have to repeat all the fasting days and make up his prayers that he performed without the Ghusl?

Masturbation is a prohibited act and should be avoided with seeking forgiveness from the Almighty Allah and repenting to Him. The prayers that the person knows that he did after masturbating and before performing Ghusl should be repeated. It is not required to make up the fasts.

If one cannot pronounce the divorce formula in Arabic does he need to assign an agent (wakil) to do so?

<p style="text-align: left;">No, it is not necessary to appoint an agent; if he is not able to pronounce it in Arabic, then he may do so in another language.</p>

What wisdom is there in wearing a ring in the left hand? When is it appropriate to wear a ring in the left hand?

Wearing a ring on the left hand only is disliked. However, this dislike is removed if one also has a ring on his right hand.