Day Questions

If one mosque has many donated carpets by way of waqf, and other mosques in the city do not have enough carpets, is it possible to give carpets from first mosque to another mosque for permanent use?

If the carpets donated as religious endowment (waqf) were many in quantity, such that the mosque does not require them all and are therefore not used, it is permissible to transfer it to another mosque. Otherwise it is not permissible.

If a man proposes to a woman and his faith and manners are good, is it then recommended or permissible to resort to Istikhara for the sake of knowing whether the marriage will be good or not or should the proposal be accepted on the basis of his virtue?

As long as the proposed man is religious and virtuous, it is better to accept him for marriage since the encouragement to accept such person is reported in many narrations, although it is permissible to refer to Istikhara.

What is the ruling if one does not make up for the days he missed in Ramadan before the next Ramadan?

One must make up the days that he missed after the current month of Ramadan. Furthermore, a sum of 900 grams of wheat, oat, rice or the like must be given to the needy believers for each missed fast, and it is better to give wheat.