Day Questions

Is it the case that if a person wishes to marry his wife's niece, he cannot do so unless his wife permits it? Is it also the case if he wishes to marry his wife's aunt? In these issues, is there a difference between permanent and temporary marriage?

Yes, the permission of his wife is required for it to be permissible for him to marry her niece. The man does not need the wife's consent to marry her aunt. There is no difference in the two scenarios between the two types of marriages.

If a man masturbates, must he do ghusl in cold water?

Masturbation is prohibited, and whoever commits such a sin should repent and seek forgiveness from Almighty Allah, but it is not obligatory on him to perform the ghusl with cold water.

If I have £100 on which khums is due on, and I put aside £20 from it as khums to pay it at the end of the year, am I not allowed to spend the remaining £80 before the £20 is paid?

When it is possible to pay the khums to whoever deserves it or to the agent, one should hasten to do so. One can use the rest of the money whether he paid the khums or not.