Day Questions

Can we do Tayammum with plaster of Paris?

<p style="text-align: left;">It is permissible to perform Tayammum with cement and plaster and the like of which originates from earth and then heated in fire.</p>

If the layman decided on who is the most knowledgeable based on his own research and without needing to ask the religious scholars who can determine the most knowledgeable, would the layman's research be sufficient?

A normal regular individual is not qualified to determine the most knowledgeable in the right way without referring to whoever can determine him amongst the experts, since they are the ones – and not any inexperienced people – who know the level of knowledge of the people that reached the level of Ijtihad.

Which birds are permissible to be kept as pet birds in the cage?

It is permissible to keep any kind of bird as a pet.

I wear a black color aqiq (agate) ring, is this recommended? If not then which colored aqiq (agate) ring is recommended? Is it recommended to wear 1 aqiq ring or 2 aqiq rings in the right hand? Is it recommended to wear firoza (turquoise) in left hand along with aqiq in right hand?

It has been reported that wearing a ring in the right hand is recommended and it is not recommended to wear a ring in the left hand when one is not wearing any in the right hand. Yes, if one decided to wear more than one ring, then it is fine to wear a ring in the left hand. Also it is recommended to wear agate and turquoise rings.