استقبال طلبات التسجيل في الدورة الصيفية العاشرة للشباب المغترب وغيرهم

Day Questions

If one mosque has many donated carpets by way of waqf, and other mosques in the city do not have enough carpets, is it possible to give carpets from first mosque to another mosque for permanent use?

If the carpets donated as religious endowment (waqf) were many in quantity, such that the mosque does not require them all and are therefore not used, it is permissible to transfer it to another mosque. Otherwise it is not permissible.

I am working in a kitchen as a cook. I was wondering if it was permissible for me to taste food that is not permissible to consume.

You can taste the food that is prohibited to consume, provided that you do not swallow it and you should purify your mouth if the food is Najis.

In Sura Maryam Verse no 50 the word "Ali" is used, I want to know whether in this verse is it a Noun or an Adjective

The apparent meaning of the name "Alyya" in the mentioned verse is an adjective.

If somebody places permanent artificial teeth in his mouth, will they need to be removed when he dies, or can he be buried with them?

<p style="text-align: left;">It is permissible to leave them in the body of the deceased and bury him with it.</p>

If a girl underwent temporary marriage without sexual intercourse, but they had a physical relationship, will the girl have to observe the Iddah after the marriage has ended? Can she have temporary marriage with the same person again without observing Iddah?

It is permissible for a woman who was married to a man temporarily to marry him again without the need to observe the Iddah, provided that she did not consummate a marriage contract with another man after the temporary marriage.