Day Questions

If my mattress has become najis by urine, can it be purified by rainwater?

The mattress and its interior become tahir when it is soaked with rainwater while it is raining. Removing the water from it through pressing or squeezing is not required for it to become tahir, nor is it necessary to repeat the process.

A girl was raped when she was 16 years old. She thought that she does not require the permission of her father in order to get married as she was not a virgin; then, later she found out that she is still considered to be a virgin as a rape victim, but she married without getting permission from her father. Is her marriage valid?

The permanent marriage of a virgin is invalid without the permission of her father or paternal grandfather even if she has been raped. If she did not know this ruling, the sexual relationship without the mentioned permission is not considered as adultery. Since she comes to know of it, they should separate from each other and do not consider themselves as a married couple. They can get married in the religiously right way, by seeking the consent of the guardian.

If the father of the child is Buddhist, and his mother is a Muslim, will the mother’s religion allow the child to be considered Muslim and tahir?

The marriage is void in the said case since it is prohibited for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man. If she knew that her marriage was invalid, then the child is not considered tahir. If she was unaware of the invalidity of her marriage, then the child is considered tahir.