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I am a married Muslim woman; I have formed a business partnership with non-Muslim married men to do business in beauty products. Is this against the religion?

It is permissible to buy, sell and trade in beauty products; also, it is permissible to have business partnership with men if it does not involve a prohibited act as a result of socializing with them.

While I wash an object or my body from najasah, and water splashes onto a place which is tahir, will that place also become najis? Is there a difference if the water I am washing it with is Kurr or Qaleel?

If the water used in the process of cleaning is little (qaleel), then the water that splashes off the najasah is najis and causes wherever it lands to also become najis. The exception to this ruling is the water used for istinja, (the process of cleaning the private parts after urination or defecation), in which case the water splashes will be tahir. If 'immune water' is used, then it is tahir after it splashes off the najasah, and does not cause other objects that it comes in contact with to become najis.Immune water is categorized into three types: (a) water that has reached the amount of kurr – approximately 464 kg, and it is better to consider it as 470 kg;(b) water that which has a source, such as spring water, well water, and tap water which is connected to a large tank or mains water supply;(c) rain water during rainfall.

Is clapping allowed in Islam? Is it allowed to clap in nasheeds and tawashi’s which are read in praise of Ahlulbait?

If it does not form a musical cadence and does not involve another prohibition, then it is permissible.

Is it permissible to offer Dhuhr and Asr in different times, as well as Maghrib and Isha prayers?

One can offer the Dhuhr and Asr separately within their designated set time. Maghrib and Isha can be offered likewise within their designated times.

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