Day Questions

I offered the prayer in an usurped place without knowing that it is actually usurped. Is my prayer valid?

Yes, it is valid provided that other conditions of the prayer are fulfilled, such as the intention of seeking closeness to Almighty Allah.

I had done Istikhara for a particular matter and I acted according to it then. However, after some time had passed the same issue arose again. If I act differently, will I be going against the Istikhara?

The original Istikhara was done according to the current circumstances then. The passage of time leads to different circumstances, so acting differently this time will not be considered going against the original Istikhara.

There are different floors at Jamrah these days; which floor should one take to stone the pillars? Also, the pillars' sizes have been enlarged. Does stoning at the edges of the pillar satisfy the requirement?

Based on compulsory precaution, one should stone the area of the original Jamrah itself – after trying to find out to a reasonable extent where it is – or as close to the original Jamrah as possible.

Is it permissible to kiss the hand of a scholar out of respect? Some narrations seem to discourage such action.

It is permissible to kiss the hands of a religious scholar out of respect because of his knowledge and piety. There is a narration that indicates clearly the permissibility to kiss the hand of a person and intending by doing so to kiss the hand of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his holy progeny). Apparently, this applies to the scholar who is knowledgeable in the Sharia.

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