Day Questions

Can I open a non-interest bank account, where monthly prize draws will also take place, based on the amount of money in the account?

If the contract of opening the bank account does not include this as a condition, then it is permissible to open it and claim the prize.

Regular soap and toothpaste has fragrance in it; can it be used by those sitting in i'tikaf?

It is not permitted for the person during the state of i'tikaf to smell fragrance with enjoyment. Based on an obligatory precaution a person during the state of i'tikaf should completely avoid all kinds of fragrance. If the use of toothpaste causes this, one should refrain from it; if it does not then it is permissible.

Is it permissible for me to give preference to practicing believers especially men having a beard and women observing hijab in respect of greeting, providing help and socializing and friendship (with the same gender)?

It is recommended to greet all Muslims whether they were practicing or not. It is better to offer help to believers whether they were practicing or not. Also it is better to socialize with people in good manner with people who practice Islam and with the ones that do not. It appears in some of the narrations that the good behavior deserves great reward.