Day Questions

Is it permissible for me to give preference to practicing believers especially men having a beard and women observing hijab in respect of greeting, providing help and socializing and friendship (with the same gender)?

It is recommended to greet all Muslims whether they were practicing or not. It is better to offer help to believers whether they were practicing or not. Also it is better to socialize with people in good manner with people who practice Islam and with the ones that do not. It appears in some of the narrations that the good behavior deserves great reward.

Yesterday, I got up just as the Adhan for Fajr prayer was ending. I drank a glass of milk and made the intention to fast. Was my fast valid?

Your fasting is void and you should make up that day. If you knew that the time of fasting had began and still broke the fast then you should pay Kaffara as well.

Can I perform wudhu for prayers by immersing the parts of wudhu in water, like in ghusl?

It is not necessary to use the hands in washing the face and arms during wudhu. It is valid to wash them by placing them under the tap directly, such that they are washed from the top downwards. It is also a condition of the wudhu to wipe the head and the feet with the dampness on the hand that originates from the wudhu process only, and not to allow the hand to become wet from other than that before wiping.In light of the above, before one proceeds to wiping the head and feet, one should ensure that a part of the left arm is unwashed before using the right hand to wash the left arm, in order for the right hand to have only the water of wudhu on it. Otherwise, the water on the right hand might be extra water and wiping with it will invalidate the wudhu.