Day Questions

I am a non-Sayyid. Can I wear a black turban to show that Sayyids and non-Sayyids are equal?

Wearing the black turban has become an indication of one's lineage to the Prophet (peace be upon him and him holy progeny); wearing it by non-Sayyids is not permissible if it makes other people think that those who wear the turban are Sayyids.

What are the religious instructions for divorce, including the dower and the money to be paid for child and the ex-wife?

If the divorce was revocable, then maintaining the wife financially during the Iddah - the waiting period - is obligatory on the husband. If it was irrevocable, then such maintenance is not obligatory.It is obligatory on the father to sustain his children financially whether their mother is divorced or not.The dower is payable to the wife by the husband if he consummated the marriage, and half of the dower is due if he did not.

If a person is drunk from consuming wine, is he considered najis and is his sweat najis?

He is not considered to be najis. Only whatever came in contact with the wine is considered to be najis.