Day Questions

I want to become a religious scholar and acquire religious education, but my parents are not happy and want me to continue secular education. Is it obligatory on me to obey my parents in this situation?

It is not obligatory to obey the parents. What is obligatory is to be dutiful to them and to have a good relationship with them. Nevertheless, we advise you to convince them and take their permission as much as is possible as this is one of the means of receiving divine blessings.

What is the period of iddah after divorce?

The iddah of a divorced woman is three durations of purity between the menstruation periods, the first of which is when the divorce takes place. The waiting period ends when she sees the menstrual blood for the third time after the divorce.

If one thought that he was washing the necessary parts of the wudhu, but years later realized that he had been missing some of them, is it obligatory on him to repeat all of those prayers that he performed with this wudhu?

If one doubts the correctness of the wudhu but at the same it is probable that he washed the necessary parts without intending to do so, then he can assume that the wudhu is in order and he does not need to repeat the prayer. If he knows that he did not wash a necessary part of the wudhu, then it is invalid and he must repeat the prayers that he performed with such wudhu.

Is there a need to shave the hair of the man's head when performing the Aqeeqah?

There is no recommendation for the man to shave his head when his Aqeeqah is slaughtered.