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Could you please describe me the belief of "Qadha" and "Qadar" from the view of the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them)?

The belief of "Qadha" and "Qadar" (fatalism and destiny) in the teachings of the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them) is "al-Amr baynal-Amrain" - a path between absolute fatalism and absolute freedom. This means that the human being is capable of the actions, has a choice in doing them and is responsible for their consequences; but at the same time, he is under the power of Almighty Allah, since the abilities of the human being is not independent from His power. The human capability is limited by the creation of Almighty Allah and His continuous maintaining of the life of the human being.

If a man enters into a temporary marriage contract with a woman and has sexual intercourse, when this temporary marriage ends, is it permissible to marry her daughter by way of permanent marriage?

When a man enters in any kind of marriage contract - whether temporary or permanent - with a woman, any kind of marriage contract with her daughter is invalid.

It says on the ingredients that it is gelatin, but it doesn't specify if it is with meat or vegetable gelatin. Is it permissible for me to still eat it, even though I do not know that what type of gelatin it is?

It is permissible to consume it unless it is known that it was originated from prohibited to consume sources like impurity - Nejasah or meat of an animal not slaughtered in accordance to the laws of Islam.

What is our obligation towards the neighbor?

It is prohibited to harm the neighbors, and it is highly recommended to be kind with the neighbors and to deal with them in a good way.

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