Day Questions

Is it possible for a man to divorce his wife during pregnancy?

A man is allowed to divorce his wife while she is pregnant.

I offer prayers in my office. Can I do wudhu and pray with my shoes on in case I am unable to go to the mosque.

The wudhu is not valid with the shoes on. Praying with the shoes on is permissible if one can place the tips of the two big toes on the ground while wearing the shoes.

What is the ruling on the punishment of apostasy and blasphemy?

Applying the Sharia-defined punishments is the duty of the infallible Imam (peace be upon him).

Can Tawaf be performed wearing slippers?

It is permissible to wear slippers during Tawaf, but if it is during Ihram, then covering the top of the foot is not permissible; so one should choose a slipper that does not cover the top of the foot.

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