Day Questions

If one contracts temporary marriage without specifying a dower, does it become void?

If the contract was based on not considering the dower then it is void. If not mentioning the dower was due to oblivion, shyness or any similar reason then the marriage contract is correct and the husband must pay his wife a dower that is usually paid for a woman with similar characteristics and circumstances.

I start an action to commit a sin. However, this action, with all my intention to sin, did not result in any sinful result. Have I committed a sin?

If you intended to commit the sin purposely, then you have wronged. You should seek the forgiveness from Almighty Allah, although the sin has not been committed as per your question.

Is it permissible to wear shoes made from natural leather?

It is permissible to wear such shoes but it is considered as Najis if it was in a non-Islamic country and one did not know that the leather is from an animal that was slaughtered according to the Sharia.