His Eminence Al-Sayyid Al-Hakeem meets with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

His Eminence Al-Sayyid Al-Hakeem meets with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammed Saeed Al-Hakeem, on 15 February 2020, received representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN in Iraq, Dr. Salah Al-Haaj Hasan and his team.

Dr. Salah Al-Haaj Hasan presented a report on the projects undertaken by FAO, consisting of ways in which agriculture can be improved in rural and semi-urban areas in Iraq, in order to ensure food provision for Iraq and a decent life for farmers.

Day Questions

What is the ruling about someone who does not emulate a mujtahid?

Emulation (taqlīd) is a necessity when a lay believer faces a situation where he does not know the correct religious ruling, as he is supposed to refer to the expert to get the proper answer. Otherwise, without referring to the expert and implementing the ruling, he would be liable for the mistake, whereas he will not be liable when he refers to the expert, even if the latter made a mistake. Taqlīd secures a layperson from liability before the Almighty Allah.

Are our deeds and actions presented to the Imam of our Time (atfs)?

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful and Praise be to Him. It has been reported in many narrations that the actions of believers are presented to the imam of the time (may Allah hasten his reappearance) once a week. May Allah guide you to please Him.

I am a university student and during the month of Ramadan I am required to take a set of examinations for a whole day. I am scared that if I fast I will not be able to concentrate and I will risk failing the exams, which are very crucial for me to pass. Is it permissible for me to not fast that day and make it up later after Ramadan?

We advise you to depend on Almighty Allah in all your acts and enter the exam room with the confidence that He is with you as long as you are acting upon His orders and completing your duty of fasting. Yes, if you can travel on the exam day after dawn and break your fast after reaching the Sharia-prescribed distance of breaking the fast, then you can break your fast that day as a traveler, and you should then make it up afterwards.

I want to have temporary marriage with a woman. I feel more comfortable to contract this marriage on the internet by chatting with her through instant messaging . Is this permissible?

It is necessary for both parties to have live verbal communication with one another during the pronouncing of the formula of the contract, so writing and typing alone is not sufficient.