His Eminence, Grand Ayatollah al-Hakeem, receives the Swedish Ambassador to the OIC and Calls the International Community to Block the Sources of Terrorism and Extremism

His Eminence, Grand Ayatollah al-Hakeem, receives the Swedish Ambassador to the OIC and Calls the International Community to Block the Sources of Terrorism and Extremism

His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammed Saeed al-Hakeem received Mr. Joachim Bergstrom, the Swedish Ambassador to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on 27 April 2019.

During the meeting, His Eminence called the international community towards a serious attempt to blocking the sources of terrorism and extremism, in all its types and manners, and to eliminate this cancerous illness from its roots, and not to ignore it. It has created much misery and tragedy in different societies and is spreading its culture, as well as distorting the true image of Islam, which the Holy Quran and the Holy Infallibles (peace be upon them) deliver.

His Eminence indicated the importance of the international community giving due regard to noble ethical traits, which will lead to participating in forming good societies and families.

His Eminence also mentioned the role of Marji'iyya, which requires of its followers to follow the laws of the land, to be truthful, responsible, sincere and to abstain from creating hardships. The Marji'iyya emphasizes the peaceful coexistence and respect for others, whatever ethnicity or creed they may have.

Mr. Bergstrom thanked His Eminence, appreciated his warm welcome. He also expressed his appreciation of the role of Marji'iyya in bringing about peace and easing religious tension in the region.

Day Questions

If one performs tayammum instead of ghusl of janabah, how long will its taharah last? Is its affect the same as that for the ghusl, so it lasts until the next time one sustains a major occurrence (hadath akbar) like janabah, menstruation or touching a dead body?

The tayammum becomes invalid with the elimination of the justification that caused one to perform tayammum. For example, if the patient who performed the tayammum instead of ghusl due to his illness was cured, then the tayammum is invalid immediately and ghusl will be required. The tayammum also becomes invalid also if the justification continued but the individual sustained another major occurrence (hadath akbar).

If somebody in our family passed away, what are the supplications which one should recite for the departed soul?

There is no specific narrated supplication for the deceased but it is better to remember him by praying for his forgiveness. Also, it is better if one were to perform some good deeds on his behalf like certain worships and charities as this will benefit him, God willing.

Is it permissible for a man and his wife to hold hands when going out in public?

Such acts are amongst the attitudes of non-Muslims societies. A believer is urged not to dissolve his personality in such ethics in such a way that he/she adopts their codes of behaviors. One should adopt a distinguished way of behavior that originates from the religious codes of ethics.

Can a virgin girl who is independent financially and has no father or guardian get married without permission?

If the girl is virgin and the guardian, who is the father or the paternal grandfather, is available, then seeking their permission is a condition in the validity of the marriage contract. If one is not able to reach the guardian or he is deceased, then the permission is not required.