His Eminence Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Sa’eed al-Hakeem, hosted the ambassador of India in Iraq, Dr. Pradeep Singh Rajpurohit.

His Eminence Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Sa’eed al-Hakeem, hosted the ambassador of India in Iraq, Dr. Pradeep Singh Rajpurohit.

In the meeting, he called the international community and the governments of the world to further interaction, cooperation and empathy, as well as enabling nations to visit one another. This will do away with the tensions and troubles which have come about around the world due to the political battles, and it is the weak members of society who are most affected by this.

His Eminence explained to the guest the role of Marji’iyyah in al-Najaf al-Ashraf in guiding the followers of the Ahlulbyte to live peacefully wherever they are, even amongst their adversaries, and this is the path that they have followed for 1400 years, taught by the Infallible Imams (peace be upon them). His Eminence cited the words of Amir al-Momineen (peace be upon him) to Malik al-Ashtar whom he appointed governor over Egypt: “Habituate your heart to mercy for the subjects and to affection and kindness for them. Do not stand over them like greedy beasts seizing their prey, since they are of two kinds: either your brother in religion or one like you in creation.”

The guest, Dr. Pradeep Singh Rajpurohit, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to meet with His Eminence, and for the guidance and directives of the Marji’iyyah, which has great respect from the Indian government.

Day Questions

Is abortion permissible? If so, when is it the latest to abort the child?

It is not permissible to have an abortion even if it only leads to wasting the fertilized egg during its first growing stages.

I have read on your site that it is permissible for a Sayyid girl to marry a non Sayyid boy. Are there any conditions to this?

It is permissible and there are no specific conditions. Yes, respecting the wife if she is a Sayyida is emphasized by the sharia as it is guarding the noble offspring of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his holy progeny).

If someone makes a promise to finish the quran, and whilst reading he makes mistakes in the recitation, does he have to go back and correct it or can he carry on?

The subject of the vow is the correct recitation in the normal way based on the information the person possess. If he paid attention to the mistake during the recitation, then he should correct them. If he paid attention to the mistakes after reciting for some time or after finishing the recitation, then it is not obligated to repeat the recitation correctly although it is better the repeat the verse that was read incorrectly by itself.

Isn’t cloning changing khalk Allah - Creation?

There is no proof that changing the creation of Allah is prohibited in an absolute way since there is no doubt in the permissibility of beauty surgeries.