The Meeting of His Eminence with the French Ambassador to Iraq

The Meeting of His Eminence with the French Ambassador to Iraq

His Eminence Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Mohammed Sa’eed. Al-Hakeem welcomed the French Ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Bruno Aubert, on Monday 1st Rabi-al-Awwal 1439 at his office in Najaf.

His Eminence explained the role of the religious leadership (Marji’iyya) and the Seminary (Howzah) in strengthening the religious and humanitarian and cultural concepts, with tolerance, dialogue, moderation, respect for others, and in directing the society towards living by these concepts and supreme human values which have roots in the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Holy Infallibles (peace be upon them).

His Eminence emphasized on the importance of communication between different human societies, so that each can learn of the cultures of others directly, so they are far from distortions. Direct dialogue and meetings have important benefits, such as supporting peaceful co-existence between societies, serving the advancement of sciences and knowledge.

The guest expressed to his Eminence the honor of meeting with him, which he described as fruitful and constructive.

Day Questions

What is your ruling about using perfume which contains alcohol?

It is permissible to use it, but it is Najis if the alcohol in it is the type that can cause intoxication. When one comes in contact with a Najis alcohol through application of perfume or otherwise, he must purify himself or his clothing before performing prayers and Tawaaf.

A girl was raped when she was 16 years old. She thought that she does not require the permission of her father in order to get married as she was not a virgin; then, later she found out that she is still considered to be a virgin as a rape victim, but she married without getting permission from her father. Is her marriage valid?

The permanent marriage of a virgin is invalid without the permission of her father or paternal grandfather even if she has been raped. If she did not know this ruling, the sexual relationship without the mentioned permission is not considered as adultery. Since she comes to know of it, they should separate from each other and do not consider themselves as a married couple. They can get married in the religiously right way, by seeking the consent of the guardian.

Is it permissible to marry an infertile woman?

It is permissible to marry an infertile woman, although it is better to choose a fertile woman as a wife.