The Meeting of His Eminence with the French Ambassador to Iraq

The Meeting of His Eminence with the French Ambassador to Iraq

His Eminence Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Mohammed Sa’eed. Al-Hakeem welcomed the French Ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Bruno Aubert, on Monday 1st Rabi-al-Awwal 1439 at his office in Najaf.

His Eminence explained the role of the religious leadership (Marji’iyya) and the Seminary (Howzah) in strengthening the religious and humanitarian and cultural concepts, with tolerance, dialogue, moderation, respect for others, and in directing the society towards living by these concepts and supreme human values which have roots in the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Holy Infallibles (peace be upon them).

His Eminence emphasized on the importance of communication between different human societies, so that each can learn of the cultures of others directly, so they are far from distortions. Direct dialogue and meetings have important benefits, such as supporting peaceful co-existence between societies, serving the advancement of sciences and knowledge.

The guest expressed to his Eminence the honor of meeting with him, which he described as fruitful and constructive.

Day Questions

If one fasted and did not know the rules of fasting and omitted the intention, are his fasts valid?

One can consider the fasting to have been valid if he doubts the validity now and there is a probability that it might be valid. In any case, the intention of fasting is not difficult to accomplish, and is usually present from everyone who is fasting, since one has the intention of fasting in mind during his fast.

A married woman inherited a share of land from her maternal grandfather along with her two sisters. She does not have any children. If the woman dies how will the inheritance of that share of land be divided between her existing family members?

The husband is given half of her inheritance and the rest is distributed between her sisters equally. If her husband has passed away before her then her sisters get the inheritance equally.

How can I bring myself in to Taqleed?

By referring to and acting upon the verdicts of the religious scholar who has reached the level of Ijtihad and has the qualifications of a Marja and being the most knowledgeable.

I would kindly like to know your verdict on going to a mixed gender swimming pool because my Marja does not allow it based on an obligatory precaution.

The opinion of his Eminence in this issue is also an obligatory precaution. Visiting such places is usually associated with prohibited acts like looking at women with prohibited desire. There are many negative effects on adults, as well as on children and youths. "Whosoever keeps his duty to Allah, Allah will appoint a way out for him". (Quran 65:2)

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