The Meeting of His Eminence with the Preachers of the Pulpit of Imam Hussain

 The Meeting of His Eminence with the Preachers of the Pulpit of Imam Hussain

His Eminence, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Al-Hakeem (long may he live), called upon the preachers and speakers of the pulpit of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) to undertake their research with accuracy in transmitting the narrations of the Infallibles (peace be upon them), to be sure of their veracity, and to collect them in an organised way, so that the masses may benefit from them, and to be safe from those who wish to cause confusion and opposition, those who wish to attack the school of the Ahlul-Bayt  (peace be upon them).

His Eminence gave this message to a delegation of preachers and scholars from the holy Seminary (Hawzah) of Najaf who came to visit him on Tuesday 21st Dhil-Hijjah.

He also explained the importance of the duty of spreading the teachings of Islam, which represents a vital role in which reminding the believers and connecting them with the heritage and path of the Ahlul-Bayt  (Peace be upon them).

His Eminence ended the talk by praying for God's help and support for the preachers in their mission, which requires more effort and incessancy, as well as focus on urging the people to return to God, and to hold on to the teachings of the pure religion of Islam. This is so especially as the believers place importance on the season of Ashura and in attending the Majalis in commemoration of Imam Husain (peace be upon him) and the great tragedy of Karbala, in order to gain knowledge and understanding of Islam derived from the Holy Quran and the teachings of the Prophet and his holy progeny (peace eb upon them).

Day Questions

If I lived in a house for many years and then I sell the house, are the proceeds of the sale subject to khums?

If the price paid for the sold house is more than the price paid when you purchased it, then the profit will be added to your income for that year which will be subject to Khums after the deductions of expenses. If the sale price for the house is less than the purchase price then the proceeds of the house are not subject to Khums.

Can a Shia girl marry with a Nasibi?

Based on an obligatory precaution, it is unlawful for the Shia female to marry a Nasibi man. A Nasibi is the one who bears enmity with the Imams of the Ahlul-Bait (peace be upon them). It is permissible to marry the girl to a member of another Muslim sect, other than the Nasibis. However, this is prohibited in the case of fear that the Shia woman may be misguided because of such a marriage, although the marriage contract is considered to be correct and valid.

What is the rule about licking one’s own lips while fasting, if one licks his lips for the second time while lips are still wet from the first time and moisture mixed with saliva? Will it break the fast if swallowed?

The said action usually does not break the fast, since there is no considerable substance present on the lip in such a way that swallowing it breaks the fast.

If one makes a covenant with Almighty Allah, and breaks it more than once, would it be obligatory upon him to pay the Kaffara each time he broke it?

If he broke the covenant once by doing what he specified in it to abstain from, and he paid the kaffara, he does not have to pay it again each time he does that again.