The Visit of the EU delegation

The Visit of the EU delegation

His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammed Saeed al-Hakeem met with a delegation from the European Union, led by Jan Figel, the EU Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion and Belief outside the EU, on Tuesday 9th Jamadi-ul-Ula 1438.

Mr Figel reviewed with His Eminence what the EU has presented as humanitarian aid for the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation, while appreciating the role of the Marjeiyya in the safety and protection of people and their property.

His Eminence called the international community for a forceful intervention to fight terrorism who wish to eradicate and destroy all those who do not share their views, and His Eminence made clear that the Marjeiyya cares greatly in protecting the lives of innocent civilians, women, children and their properties.

The delegation was accompanied by the EU ambassador in Baghdad, Patrick Simonnet, who also expressed his gratitude to the religious Marjeiyya that provided the opportunity for this fruitful meeting.

Day Questions

Does a man have to seek permission from his first wife before entering a second permanent marriage?

<p style="text-align: left;">It is not mandatory to seek her permission in such an issue.</p>

If a person has a mortgage that is agreed to be paid over 30 years, is the person required to perform the Hajj? Will it be counted as a Hijjatul-Islam?

If the individual is financially capable to undertake the Pilgrimage from a source other than the money taken from the bank, then he is obliged to perform the pilgrimage and it is considered as Hijjatul-Islam.

Please give me some dua or some chapter from the Quran or just show me the name of that dua or soorah shall my brother recite for his job since he is jobless.

Repeatedly seeking forgiveness is one of the reasons of getting livelihood if god wishes. Almighty Allah said:” Seek pardon of your Lord. Lo! He was ever forgiving. He will let loose the sky for you in plenteous rain”.71:10-11.

What are the rulings regarding interest charged on loans to cushion against inflation and loss of value of currency and to cater for this inflation and loss of value?

<p style="text-align: left;">It is not permissible to collect interest from private Muslim banks. It is permissible from banks owned by the government but one must not intend to make a deal and when money is collected, it should be on behalf of the marja. It is also permissible to collect interest from non-Muslims.<br /> In general, conventionally lending money is based on lending a specific numeric value, not the market value of the borrowed amount. This fact is established due to the fact that when paying back loans, the market value is not considered but only the numeric value of the borrowed amount – that was the subject of the loan contract – is considered.</p>

I committed a big sin and had sex outside the marriage, and after that I am now not able to concentrate, everything gone upside down, and I am feeling so guilty about myself, only one thing is coming in my mind that I cannot live with this guilty anymore and want to finish myself.

It is not correct to commit a greater sin because of committing a lighter one, since committing suicide is greater than adultery. You should repent from what you have done as Almighty Allah forgives all sins. You can guard yourself by getting satisfied through marriage whether it is permanent or temporary. May Allah help you pass this hardship.