Hindu Religious Leader Visit to the Office of His Eminence in Qum

Hindu Religious Leader Visit to the Office of His Eminence in Qum
The Hindu religious leader, Swami Agnivesh and his accompanying delegation visited the office of his Eminence, the religious authority Sayyid Al-Hakeem in the city of Qum. He was welcomed by his Eminence, Sayyid Riyadh Al-Hakeem, where the latter presented some of the teachings of Islam based on verses from the Holy Quran and the life of the Prophet and the Ahlul-Bait (peace be upon them). His Eminence also explained the position of the religious authority (Marjaiyya) and the importance it places in the stability of societies of various religions and the necessity of cooperation between the religious scholars in activating the noble humane values and taking the path of reasoning and moderation in the face of extremism and violence. The guest expressed his pleasure in the meeting and in the dialogue and discussions that took place, and he stated that this meeting resulted in a new understanding of the teachings of Islam that corresponds to logic and noble humane values, as opposed to the image he previously had about Islam which originated from obscurity as well as from the practices of some extremists. He expressed his eagerness in conducting future meetings and to establish a joint effort for the welfare of humanity at large. The visit of the Indian delegation came on the invitation of the Al-Hikmah Foundation, an organization under the care of the office of the religious authority Sayyid Al-Hakeem. The invitation was part of the project of his Eminence to establish a liaison with the religious leaders and scientific and cultural dignitaries worldwide.

Day Questions

If my shoes become najis by stepping into najasah, can I make my shoes tahir by rubbing them on the earth?

<p style="text-align: left;">Earth can only make the soles of the shoes, the feet and the like tahir by walking on them, provided that the najasah was caused by walking on the earth.<br /> Earth can make things tahir when it is dry, and based on an obligatory precaution it must be tahir itself.</p>

How would I make an electronic device tahir which has become najis, while the water might damage the device?

<p style="text-align: left;">If the said device becomes najis, then it cannot be made tahir without using water. You can use the device even if it is najis. If your hand is dry, then it does not become najis when it touches it.</p>

Is it permissible to change my Taqleed in a particular issue because the verdict of the Marja I am following causes hardship to me?

It is not permissible to switch from a Mujtahid to another just because the second one’s verdict is easier or pleases the individual more than the first Marja. The first Marja must be followed as long as he is still described with all the conditions of the Marja. However, if the Marja that you are following has an obligatory precaution, then you can follow another qualified Marja in this issue.

What is obligatory to say before starting wudhu?

<p>There are no mandatory words to be said before performing wudhu.</p>

Can the Sun make permanent fixtures inside a house tahir through glass windows?

<p style="text-align: left;">As an obligatory precaution, the sun can not make anything tahir through glass and the like.</p>