Day Questions

If I want to marry temporarily a Christian girl who, in her religion, does not need the permission of the father to get married, can we thus form a temporary marriage contract and be allowed to consummate the marriage without his permission?

If the consent of the guardian is not required based on his religion, it is permissible to marry his virgin daughter without his permission. The permission is also not required if the father mandates his daughter to deal with the matter of her marriage.

Imam Ja'far Al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) has said the one who transgresses the limits in his wudhu is like the one who has broken his wudhu. What does the Imam mean here? What limits is he referring to? For example, I know that it is recommended to wash beyond the obligatory parts of the face; does this narration make things like this prohibited or does it break one's wudhu?

The mentioned is not what the tradition means. What the tradition means is observing the religious guidelines when performing the wudhu and not to cross them, for example: wiping replaced with washing, or wiping the bottom of the foot instead of its top, and similar cases where the religious restrictions are transgressed.