Day Questions

If the court grants divorce to a couple, will this be acceptable as religious divorce?

If the divorce did not take place according to the Sharia, then in order for it to be valid it must be undertaken in the way prescribed by the Sharia, including pronouncing the formula of divorce. A written document is not sufficient.

If the imam of the congregational prayer does not possess a body part or it has been cut off, is it permissible to offer prayers behind him?

It is permissible to pray behind him provided that other conditions of the imam of congregational prayer are met.

What is the age of religiously recognized adulthood (bulugh)?

Religious adulthood is recognized for the male by any of the following three signs, whichever happen first: 1. The presence of hard hair on his face or in the pubic area. 2. The release of semen, whether it was during a wet dream or when awake. 3. The completion of fifteen lunar years. The female reaches adulthood when she completes the age of nine lunar years.