Day Questions

Can one depend on his parents in determining the most knowledgeable mujtahid?

It is permissible for the individual to depend on his parents in finding out the most knowledgeable if he trusted their choice to be in accordance with the religious guidelines – e.g. referring to the ahl-ul-khibrah. If he does not, then he should do his own research based on those guidelines.

I have heard of a prayer called "Qadha-e-Umri" by which all the missed prayers can be made up. Is there any truth to this? If so, how is it performed and is there a particular day or time to offer this?

There is no such single prayer that removes the liability for all missed prayers. Therefore, every missed prayer needs to be made up as qadha individually.

Is the adhan recited before Asr and Isha prayers?

The adhan is recommended in the daily prayers. However, if the Asr or Isha prayer is performed immediately after Dhuhr or Maghrib prayers, the Adhan is not legislated, so the iqamah alone can be recited.

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