Day Questions

Is intercourse allowed during the period of blood stains or spotting prior to the menstrual cycle?

If the woman sees spots of blood before the set day of her period by a day or two, such blood is considered as menstrual blood and it is prohibited to have sexual intercourse during such time.

Sometimes when I feel sexual attraction, there is an involuntary discharge of liquid, which may or may not be followed by semen. Will I need to do the ghusl of janaba?

If the semen was released, then ghusl must be performed before offering the prayers. The release of another fluid, such as what may be released during foreplay and sexual urges does not obligate ghusl.

A person after urinating performs wudhu. He then performs prayer. During his prayer he feels that he has excreted a fluid from his urinary organ, but there is uncertainty as to the actual type of fluid. What is the state of his prayer now? Is it invalid?

If he did istibra, which is the process of ensuring that there is no urine left in the urethra, or if he knew that the urethra had no urine left because he waited for some time after urination or because of any other reason, then the prayer is valid and he should not pay attention to this doubt. If this was not the case, and he doubts whether the liquid was urine or not, then he should treat it as urine, consider the wudhu and the prayer as void, and purify the body and clothes that the liquid came into contact with.