Day Questions

Is it allowed for a man to look at the face of a woman who covers her hair, but she wears make up on her face? What if it is done without the intention of lust and there is no fear of committing sins?

It is not permissible for the woman to wear makeup in the presence of non-Mahram. A man is permitted to look if it was a quick glance and not anything further.

If one thought that he was washing the necessary parts of the wudhū, but years later realized that he had been missing some of them, is it obligatory on him to repeat all of those prayers that he performed with this wudhū?

If one doubts the correctness of the wudhū but at the same it is probable that he washed the necessary parts without intending to do so, then he can assume that the wudhū is in order and he does not need to repeat the prayer. If he knows that he did not wash a necessary part of the wudhū, then it is invalid and he must repeat the prayers that he performed with such wudhū.

If a man contracts temporary marriage with a woman who lost her virginity through unlawful means, is the contract valid without the permission of her father or grandfather, and can he consummate the marriage?

She is treated as a virgin; so the marriage contract is valid but he is not permitted to consummate the marriage without the permission of the guardian.

Can we enter a new temporary marriage contract before the end of the current one? Can we waive the current time period remaining and then enter into a new contract?

If the two parties wanted to renew the contact before its specified time ends, the husband should forgo the remaining time and there are no specific words for doing that.

When is it obligatory for a man to work?

It is obligatory for a man to support himself and his dependents and if this support can not be done without work then he should.