Day Questions

I am applying a cream to my skin for medical purposes, but the cream contains cetostearyl alcohol. Is this cream to be considered najis? If so, how can I perform wudhu and prayers?

If the alcohol mentioned causes intoxication, then it is najis. If your hand and/or body come in contact with a najis thing, then you need to purify them in order to perform the wudhu.

Do I have to pay any Zakat on my monthly salary?

Zakat is not obligatory on the monthly salary. Instead, Khums is applicable if certain conditions are met.

I offer prayers in my office. Can I do wudhu and pray with my shoes on in case I am unable to go to the mosque.

The wudhu is not valid with the shoes on. Praying with the shoes on is permissible if one can place the tips of the two big toes on the ground while wearing the shoes.