Day Questions

Can I have friendship with a female class fellow?

<p style="text-align: left;">Friendship with the opposite sex may lead to committing sins, so we advise you to stay away from it.</p>

Is the wolf saliva najis? What about dog types that are closely related to wolves and are very similar to them, are their saliva najis?

The wolf is not najis. If the animal is a dog, its saliva is najis. If it is not a dog then the saliva is not najis.

If someone intentionally does not fast, does he have to pay Kaffara as well as making up for the fast later?

<p style="text-align: left;">If they broke their fast knowing that they were obligated to fast then they must pay the Kaffara and make up the lapsed days. In addition to that, if they did not make up the missed days until the next Ramadan, then they must pay 900 grams of dates, wheat, floor, rice, lentils and the like to the needy people for every day that has not been made up.</p>

Is it permissible for men to wear a gold earring in one ear?

<p style="text-align: left;">No, it is not permissible.</p>

Is it permissible for me to give preference to practicing believers especially men having a beard and women observing hijab in respect of greeting, providing help and socializing and friendship (with the same gender)?

It is recommended to greet all Muslims whether they were practicing or not. It is better to offer help to believers whether they were practicing or not. Also it is better to socialize with people in good manner with people who practice Islam and with the ones that do not. It appears in some of the narrations that the good behavior deserves great reward.