Day Questions

Some brothers do Tatbeer in the religious center on Ashura day, and because of the shedding of blood, the place becomes Najis. Is this allowed?

It is prohibited to make the mosque Najis. It is not prohibited to make other places Najis, especially when they are going to be purified afterwards.

What is the ruling for applying a hair replacement system in the form of an adhesively applied wig for men? Will it invalidate the wudhu and ghusl due to impeding the water?

If such a process leads to growing hair in such a way it is considered as part of the body, then it is sufficient to wipe on it. If what is placed on the head is a wig, then it is not sufficient in wudhu or ghusl to wipe on it.

Is there any problem in reciting "Dua Nade Ali"? Is this supplication authenticated?

It is permissible to seek intercession from Imam Ali (peace be upon him) by the said words as well as other words. Although the mentioned phrases were not reported to us via an Imam, they are famous lines of poetry.

I travel often to another city which is around 180km away. Driving there and back makes me drowsy and tired, and fasting can make it more difficult to drive this distance. Can I skip the fasts during this journey and make up for it later?

If in the normal course of your life or the nature of your work requires you to travel frequently to this distance, then you should fast in your travels. You could hire a driver or use a form of transportation that doesn’t require you to drive. If you are not a frequent traveller, then your fast is invalidated by such travel while you are travelling, and you should make up for the missed fast later.