The Press Release on the Terrorist Attack in Quetta Pakistan

The Press Release on the Terrorist Attack in Quetta Pakistan

We were shocked by the heinous crime that was committed by the terrorists in the city of Quetta in Pakistan, that lead to the martyrdom and wounding of a huge number of innocent people. This crime is part of sequence of organized assaults against the followers of the Ahlul-Bait (peace be upon them).

As we ask the Almighty Allah to send His mercy on the souls of the martyrs and to grant the wounded fast recovery, we condemn this crime and all crimes that were committed by the terrorist groups. These crimes violate all humane criterion and values, and they tarnish the image of Islam and the name of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his holy progeny). We hold the Pakistani government responsible for protecting its own innocent citizens and to bring the perpetrators to justice. We also consider the silence of the Muslim dignitaries and foundations and the carelessness of the international community as important factors that encourage the terrorists to continue shedding blood of innocent people.

Day Questions

What is the age of religiously recognized adulthood (bulugh)?

Religious adulthood is recognized for the male by any of the following three signs, whichever happen first: 1. The presence of hard hair on his face or in the pubic area. 2. The release of semen, whether it was during a wet dream or when awake. 3. The completion of fifteen lunar years. The female reaches adulthood when she completes the age of nine lunar years.

If the guardian of a virgin girl refuses to grant her permission to get married, is the girl allowed to get married?

If the guardian refuses to give his permission for her marriage for the sake of her own welfare then she is not permitted to marry without the consent. If the person that approached her for marriage was suitable for her and the refusal of the guardian was out of stubbornness, then his permission is not required.

If two sons are inheriting from their deceased father a house, if one son did not agree to give a share of the house his brother, will the prayers in this house be like prayers on usurped territory (ghasb)?

If the son prevents his siblings from using the house that they all share, then he is considered as a usurper. The same applies if they asked him in this case for rent and he refused to pay it to them.

Can I ask my wife to stop her job outside the house?

The wife is not permitted to leave her husband's house without his permission.

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