Day Questions

If one is told that a flavoring may contain trace amounts of ethyl alcohol that would have evaporated during the process of making the flavoring, is it permissible to consume the flavoring? Does it make a difference if one is unsure of the nature of the alcohol, such as if it naturally liquid and such?

If he knows that the alcohol which is added to the flavoring is naturally a liquid intoxicating agent, then it is not permissible to consume it, since such addition makes the flavor Najis, and thus, makes the food Najis and it is prohibited to consume Najis food. If he does not know if the added substance is Najis, then it is permissible to consume the food.

Can a man marry temporarily the mother or the sister of a woman he had previously temporarily married?

The marriage contract with the mother after conducting a marriage contract with her daughter is not valid; also, marriage with her sister is invalid as long as she is still in Iddah based on an obligatory precaution. After the Iddah end, he is permitted to marry her sister.

Can we do taqleed of a person who has reached the level of ijtihad, or are there some other qualifications for him to become a marja'?

It is compulsory to follow the most knowledgeable amongst those who have reached the level of ijtihad, and it is not sufficient to follow any mujtahid.

Can we do Tayammum with plaster of Paris?

It is permissible to perform Tayammum with cement and plaster and the like of which originates from earth and then heated in fire.