Day Questions

What is your opinion regarding the authenticity of Dua Adeelah? Is it from Imam? Does it have reliable Sanad – chain of narrators? Is it authenticated?

Dua Adeelah that is mentioned in the supplications books is not related to an Imam. It is recommended to recognize the true beliefs when the person is dying, and all the time, whether this was by reciting Dua Adeelah or using other ways to strengthen the true belief in one’s soul and defeat the attacks of Satan and his mischief.

Is it permissible for a wife to sing in a wedding ceremony in front of many people, men and women, without her husband’s permission?

This is not permissible even if the husband allows it, since it is impermissible to do so in the presence of men. If the audience comprises of only women, then it is permissible for woman to sing during wedding ceremonies.

My father has recently died. My grandfather and grandmother, my mother, 4 brothers and 3 sisters are the inheritors. How can we divide his Inheritance?

The inheritance is divided as follows: Each one of parent’s share is the sixth. The wife’s share is the eighth from all the inheritance except the worth of lands if any. The children take the rest of inheritance where each male’s share is twice as the share of the female.

How can I bring myself in to Taqleed?

By referring to and acting upon the verdicts of the religious scholar who has reached the level of Ijtihad and has the qualifications of a Marja and being the most knowledgeable.

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