Day Questions

I committed a big sin and had sex outside the marriage, and after that I am now not able to concentrate, everything gone upside down, and I am feeling so guilty about myself, only one thing is coming in my mind that I cannot live with this guilty anymore and want to finish myself.

It is not correct to commit a greater sin because of committing a lighter one, since committing suicide is greater than adultery. You should repent from what you have done as Almighty Allah forgives all sins. You can guard yourself by getting satisfied through marriage whether it is permanent or temporary. May Allah help you pass this hardship.

There is a company which has a prayer room for employees. But that company generates haram income and rent is paid from that income. Is it permitted to offer our prayers in that room?

The prayer is correct in the room as long as the room itself is not usurped, even if the rent is paid using a prohibited source.

Is controlling birth by vasectomy allowed according to Sayyid Al-Hakim?

Based on compulsory precaution, it is not permissible to damage any human organ and limit the ways of birth control to what do not lead to such damage.