Day Questions

What are your views about the book al-Irshad?

It is one of the important sources that researchers refer to in order to learn about the biography of the Prophet and the Imams (peace be upon them all).

As we know, Imamate is a divine position that cannot be taken away by anybody. With that in mind, when Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said that his right of the caliphate was taken from him, what does he mean, because he remained the religious authority regardless of what they did? What exactly was taken away from him, because the true believers were still following him?

What you said is true. Imamate is a divine position that cannot be taken by anyone. The application of this right is represented by the management of the affairs of people with justice according to the divine rules of Almighty Allah, and since Imam Ali (peace be upon him) was not able to exercise this right of authority for some time, we can say that the ruling and management of the affairs of people based on correct religious standards was taken from him.

While having a meal in restaurants, If the waiter or the manager tells us that the fish has scales, can we believe him and eat the fish?

It is permissible to rely on whoever possesses the fish, if they have not been accused of lying, or there is no other reason to believe in their dishonesty.

Do I need to pay Khums on the money for which I have paid last year?

It is not obligatory to pay Khums from monies that Khums was paid from in past years.