Day Questions

Is it permissible to have a long beard? And at what length should you stop growing it?

It is allowed to have a long beard. It is not recommended to have it longer than the length of a hand fist.

Isn’t cloning changing khalk Allah - Creation?

There is no proof that changing the creation of Allah is prohibited in an absolute way since there is no doubt in the permissibility of beauty surgeries.

I opened a savings account in the bank in my name. This is a family savings account where everyone in my family will contribute to it and put money in until it accumulates. Seeing as it is not only my money but belongs to the family, who is it that will have to pay the khums for this?

It is obligatory to pay the khums from your own money, not from the money of other people. If the money is mixed with the money of others, it does not effect this obligation, so it is better for each person to keep account of his share.

If somebody was fasting and intended to break his fast – for example if somebody decided that he cannot continue the fast and poured some water to drink – but then changed his mind and decided to fast again, is his fast still valid or not?

If he broke the intention of fasting and decided to break the fast, even if he did not actually break it, his fast is void and he has to make it up. However, he should still refrain from the things that break the fast for the rest of that day. He does not have to pay kaffarah.

Studies show that listening to classical music for 30 minutes a day whilst breathing slowly decreases the blood pressure. I need to reduce my blood pressure, so can I start doing this? Will this be a sin?

It is not permissible to listen to the music because of the said reason, unless the high blood pressure was a danger to the health, and its treatment was only by listening to music.