Day Questions

What is the most effective supplication/Ziyarat?

There are lots of zyarats reported by the Ahlulbait (Peace be upon them) like Jamiaa, Warith and Ashura also there are lots of supplications like Kumail and the supplications of Sahifatul Sajjadia.

How do we seek intercession with God through the Prophet and Imams of the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them all)? Is there a certain dua?

It was reported in some narrations that Imam Mosa Al-Kadhim – our Seventh Imam (peace be upon him) – said to his one of companions: “If you have a request from Allah say: Allahumma inni As’aloka bi haqqi Mohammadin wa Alliyyin fa inna lehuma shaanan minash-shaan, wa qadran minal-qader, fa bihaqqi dhalikash-shaan wa bihaqqi thalikal-qader, an tosalli alla Mohammadin wa Aal-Mohammad wa an……." then you mention your request. The translation of the said supplication is: O my Lord I ask you by the right of Mohammad and Ali as they have a (high) position amongst the positions and a (high) value amongst the values. By this position and this value praise be on Mohammad and his progeny and…” then say what your request is. There are other supplications mentioned in books of supplication.

Every time my beard grows, it starts to irritate me, itch, and hurt my skin. It is hard for me to keep a beard. I can only last for 4 days after I have to shave it, so according to my situation, is it permissible for me to shave?

It is not permissible to shave the beard unless growing it causes harm and hardship. If it causes tolerable discomfort then it must not be shaven. The itchiness that you feel is probably because you are not used to growing it.